MBA - Global Business Project - 1 Month


The Global Business Project Summer 2022: Short-Term Trip in Spain & Portugal, including the cities of Madrid and Lisbon for a group of MBA full time students.

The duration in country is 2 weeks.

The price is defined per person on the program.

Objective of the GBE Madrid & Lisbon Trip: 

  • To provide a group of MBA students of minimum 5 and maximum 25 with a strong background of cross-cultural communication or business strategies and techniques within the global context. 
  • The Goal is to challenge the status quo, providing solutions and ideas for better strategies and protocols across the global network of companies and projects with which the students are engaged.
  • We Find Group sourced different projects in Madrid and Lisbon. These project scopes focused on the Mission, Vision and Values of these unique companies. 
  • The concept is to assimilate and see the variances of how international students integrate the MVV and other corporate communication strategies and concepts in Europe.
  • Trip includes flight, transfer, hotels, companies projects and in-country coordination.

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