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We recruit top students from universities across the globe. Our students are required to have a 3.0 GPA or above, maintain a professional attitude, and show that they will be able to thrive in a global internship. We evaluate each resume and application we see to make sure our students are ready for an international experience. Our students are usually rising juniors, seniors or 5th years, however, we may accept rising sophomores after a more rigorous evaluation process.
We bundle your internship experience to make interning abroad as easy as possible. However, some costs are not covered in the program fee. These include:

  • Roundtrip flight
  • International Health Insurance
  • Food & Entertainment In-Country
  • Transportation In-Country
  • Weekend Excursions
Entry to the UK requires a Tier 5 Student Worker Visa. The BUNAC Visa sponsorship process, as well as the Tier 5 Visa, are not included in the program fee. Assistance to obtain the needed sponsorship and visa is included.
The internships are unpaid due to visa regulations and international taxes.
If you are a US Citizen applying for our Madrid program, No - you do not need a visa.
If you are an International student from a non-EU country applying for our Madrid program, Yes - you will need a visa.

If you are applying for our London program, Yes - you will need a visa.
You need a visa to enter the UK that shows your reason for being in the country. You obtain this visa by completing two processes.

​ First, apply for a certificate of sponsorship from BUNAC. BUNAC requires you to upload a variety of information to verify your ability to succeed in the UK. BUNAC also verifies your employer (once you are placed) and confirms the legitimacy of your internship.

​ Second, after you've been issued your Certificate of Sponsorship, you'll apply for a Tier 5 Student Work Visa through UK Visas and Immigration. You'll application will require you to input various information about yourself which will get approved by the UKVI. You will then attend a biometrics appointment for fingerprinting and send all needed documents (INCLUDING your passport) to the Consulate in New York. Your visa will be returned inside your passport.

​ We guide you through each step of obtaining your visa, however, it is your responsibility to begin your applications and send in your documents on time.
All of our students are required to purchase international health insurance to make sure they are covered for anything that may happen while they are in-country. We show you the nearest doctors and pharmacies to the accommodations and our Resident Director is available 24/7 should you need to get to a doctor immediately.
From the time you apply, we begin reviewing your resume and sending your profile to potential employers. The deposit secures your spot on the program and allows our team to connect you with potential internships.

​The final amount is due on February 15th and completes your payment for our matching process, your seat on the airport transfer, your spot in group events, and your payment to the accommodations,. This fee is also non-refundable.
Absolutely! As long as it does not interfere with your work schedule, we love for you to travel and explore all Europe has to offer. Your RD is also happy to help you book weekend excursions - from trains, buses, flights, hotels, and hostels - we've been all over!

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